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Handmade Made to Measure Curtains, Bespoke Curtains, Lined Ready Made Curtains, Commercial Curtains, Roman Blinds or Nets & Voiles.

At Merlin Fabrics our emphasis is always placed upon quality. We always endeavor to provide both the highest quality service and products available. Unlike some of our competitors whom continually strive to cut costs by sourcing cheaper and cheaper raw materials or stocking their shelves with the same mass produced products. Merlin Fabrics take a different approach, we want to offer you the highest quality products available, that will last for years to come, representing true value for money.

This is why all our Made to Measure and Bespoke Curtains are meticulously handmade here in the UK, undergoing stringent quality controls prior to being dispatched to you the customer.

Many companies in today’s economic climate are offering low cost made to measure curtains. Although these curtains are manufactured to your specific sizes, they are simply machined up in the same factories as their ready made counterparts from low quality fabrics sourced from around the world.

At Merlin Fabrics we believe Made to Measure Curtains and Bespoke Curtains are luxury products that should convey quality and elegance. This is why are fabrics are selected from only the most reputable suppliers, representing the highest quality and the most exquisite designs. Each piece of carefully selected fabric is then crafted by hand to your exact requirements. All our Made to Measure Curtains and Bespoke Curtains are handmade and hand stitched.

As a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen you can ensure that each curtain is crafted to perfection. Our expert craftsmen hand stitch intricate led weights into the bottom corners of all our Made to Measure and Bespoke Curtains to ensure our curtains hang to perfection.

It is details such as these that Merlin Fabrics pride ourselves on and subsequently set us apart from our competition. So if quality is what you desire, curtains that truly command appreciation and that enhance the décor of your home through the expression of class and elegance, Merlin Fabrics is the choice for you.

No matter what your window furnishing requirements Merlin Fabrics are able to provide a solution that is right for you, so if you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for on our website please do not hesitate to contact us or request a call back and one of our trained consultants will be more than happy to assist you.

Interior Design Curtain Service

Merlin Fabrics are proud to present our Interior Design Curtain Service. Our specialist interior design consultants will work with you to transform your vision into a reality.

Made to Measure Curtains 

Our Handmade Made to Measure Curtains are expertly stitched and crafted by hand to your exact requirements offering a truly custom product and service.

Made to Measure Curtains, as the term dictates, means that your fabric of choice is made specifically to the dimensions of your window to ensure a perfect fit.

Our Made to Measure fabrics are selected from only the highest quality suppliers including Style Fabrics, Prestigious Textiles, Clarke & Clarke, Swaffer, ROMO, Ashley Wilde, Osbourne & Little, Crowson, Voyage etc… This comprehensive range of suppliers ensures that we are able to offer a vast array of quality fabrics from traditional to contemporary, from subtly understated to majestic.

Furthermore, our Made to Measure service offers a range of variables creating a truly individual and custom finish. Variables such as headings; within our Made to Measure section we offer Standard Pencil Pleat Headings, Pinch Pleat Headings, Eyelet Headings, Tab Top Headings and Goblet Headings.

The extensive choice provided within our Made to Measure section ensures that we can provide the perfect window dressing for all situations, from Lounge Curtains to Dining Room Curtains, from Bathroom Curtains to Bedroom Curtains and everything in between.

Bespoke Curtains

Our Bespoke Curtain Range caters for clients looking for a truly unique and exceptional window dressing. Where the limitations of our Made to Measure section begin is where our Bespoke Curtains section immerge.

Our Bespoke Curtain section is limited only by your imagination. Whatever, your mind desires our specialist team will endeavor to turn it into a reality.

From majestic reception areas to exquisite dining rooms, luxurious royal bedrooms to elegant bathrooms, uniquely shaped windows and intricate fabric detailing, this is what Merlin Fabrics Bespoke Section was created for.

Offering options such as; Swags and Tails, Valances, Pelmets, Blackout Curtains, Fire Retardant Curtains too name just a few, this service allows your imagination to dictate the final effect that you require and desire. 

Bespoke Curtains are exclusively handmade and represent the ultimate in quality. Combining our highest grade of fabrics with our premium handmade, hand sewn production service you are guaranteed a truly exceptional finish.

For further information click here.

Commercial Curtains

Merlin Fabrics have extensive experience in dealing with commercial clients, as witnessed by our involvement with Channel 5´s Hotel Inspector, whereby we were the sole provider of Hotel Curtains.

Furthermore, we have successfully delivered contracts to Schools, Pubs, Hospitals, Offices and National Trust Estates. Our Commercial Curtains service specialise in providing curtain and blind solutions to the following clients.

Hotel Curtains
School Curtains
Pub Curtains
- Office Curtains 
- Hospital Curtains 
- National Trust and Heritage Curtains

Merlin Fabrics are fully aware of the complexities that are required when meeting commercial requirements in terms of budget, quality and deadlines. Subsequently, we are able to work with you to ensure the contract is delivered successfully.

Lined Ready Made Curtains

Our Lined Ready Made Curtains represent our lowest priced option for your window furnishings, offering excellent value for money.

We stock a range of designs and colours from traditional to contemporary including; Blues & Lilacs, Golds & Browns, Greens, Greys & Blacks, Naturals, Creams & Whites and Pinks, Reds & Terracottas.

Our Lined Ready Made Curtains are selected from a range of reputable suppliers including; Homemaker, Curtina, Tyrone, Sundour and Whiteheads.

Curtains are manufactured to a range of sizes, many of which offer matching cushion covers and tiebacks to compliment your purchase. Should you require a size that is not specified it is often possible for Merlin Fabrics to adjust the drop of the curtains for a nominal charge, offering a solution that matches your requirements at a greatly reduced cost than the alternate Made to Measure Curtain option. Our range of Lined Ready Made Curtains are ‘bag lined’ and factory machined.

Roman Blinds

Our Made to measure Roman Blinds have become increasingly popular over recent years, with their sleek lines they offer an air of sophistication to your window, they can be used as stand alone window furnishings or as a complimentary addition to your existing curtains.

Our Roman Blinds are made to measure to ensure the perfect fit. We are able to offer Roman Blinds in all of our available fabrics. To ensure the highest level of quality as you would expect from Merlin Fabrics all our Roman Blinds are custom made and lined. We are also able to offer hand made, hand sewn bespoke blinds from our Bespoke Curtains range with a selection of additional trimmings, please see our Bespoke Curtains section for this service.

Nets and Voiles

Our Nets & Voiles range offer the perfect way to compliment your choice of curtains. They are an excellent means of providing privacy and added security to your windows, they are made from 100% polyester. All voiles benefit from overlocked sides to prevent fraying. Both nets and voiles are available in a range of different drops and the widths are cut to suit your specific window size. Once again both nets and voiles come complete with slot top headings and as such are ready to hang. Voiles represent a higher quality of material than their net counterparts and are made from a finer weave. 

Nets and Voiles alike are available in a range of designs to suit different tastes from plain to embroidered. All our nets and voiles are supplied by Tyrone assuring exceptional quality and sleek designs. 

At Merlin Fabrics we understand that everyone’s needs are different, subsequently we strive to offer solutions to all of our customer requirements. As a result we have identified two particular additional services that have become increasingly in demand. Merlin Fabrics are now pleased to offer both Fire Retardant Curtains & Blackout Curtains.

Fire Retardant Curtains

Safety is always of paramount importance and Merlin Fabrics understand that in some circumstances Fire Retardant Curtains are essential for safety, legislation or just peace of mind. That is why we are able to offer Fire Retardant Curtains all of which conform to BS5867. The majority of fabrics in our Made to Measure Curtain range and our Bespoke and Exclusive Curtain range are able to undergo the necessary treatment to ensure a fire retardant finish in compliance with BS5867.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains are achieved through the process of lining the curtain with a higher grade, denser lining material. The close knit nature of the fibres of this lining act as a prevention to the permeability of the curtain in terms of sunlight. Therefore acting as barrier to the sunrays, providing a pair of Blackout Curtains.

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